Prayer is the foundation on which the Church is built.  “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” Prayer connects the mind of man/human with the Mind of GOD/ Divine Mind.



The ultimate aim is to live out our Oneness with GOD, with each other, and with all of life. Being unified is important because when we are on the same page and our unity is based on the foundation of GOD it will make the church strong and cause it to grow.

We are One with GOD, we are One with all humanity, we are One with all life, we are One with the ONE.”   John 17:20 



The spiritual life calls us to serve and to be of service to each other and to a cause that is greater than ourselves.  At UNITED, we go beyond the walls of the church facility to reach the youth, elderly, and families in our greater community



Miracles are the natural outworking of Spiritual Law.  The very etymology of the word – mirari (to be amazed)  goes beyond the upending of our expectations and connects us the inexplicable blessings of GOD/the Universe.   UNITED is enriched by the fruits of miracles. “There are only two ways to live your life: one way is as if nothing is a miracle, another way is the live as if everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein


UNITED Church Beaufort


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