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The UCTF is not looking to replace or rival existing Youth outreach organizations; rather, the UCTF will complement their efforts by providing logistically feasible, safe, and free-of-cost recreational and mentorship opportunities for Youth in the NWQ.


Helping our youth to meet their full potential. 

Reverend Jack Bomar and the congregation of the UNITED Church have taken a leadership role in building a Youth outreach to serve and mentor the children in the Northwest Quadrant (NWQ). The group includes partners and members from multiple organizations, including the Northwest Quadrant Neighborhood Association and the Beaufort Fire and Police Departments, and it is known as the UNITED Community Task Force (UCTF).

The UCTF was created in response to a mentorship void in the lives of many of our Youth, which became increasingly apparent due to a surge in violence, drugs, and gang-activity in the NWQ. Our mission is to work together to build a stronger Community through Education, Engagement, and Empowerment. We welcome you and hope that you will join us in guiding the Youth of our Community to achieve their potential!



UNITED Community Task Force (UCTF) is an outreach of UNITED Church formed to provide ideas and strategies for programs, services, events, activities, initiatives, and opportunities to create a healthier, safer, and supportive community environment for our youth and families to grow, learn, play and become responsible contributing citizens. 


UNITED Community Task Force was established following the recent shootings in our community in particular along Hamar Street.  UCTF was birthed after conversations with Sergeant Michael Phelan of the City of Beaufort Police Department to address important issues regarding community safety, youth leadership, and youth engagement.


Our Mission is to make a positive difference by building a stronger community through Education, Engagement, and Empowerment. Many youth and families in our area are faced with extreme life challenges and the UNITED Community Task Force wants to provide a connection to services, programs, events and resources that will support our youth and provide safe alternatives to gangs, crime, and violence.


The three (3) E’s: • EDUCATE our youth, families, and community. • ENGAGE our youth, families, and community. • EMPOWER our youth, families, and community.

TOGETHER as a Community UNITED working, sharing, contributing and serving a cause bigger than our individual selves!


Umoja (Unity): maintaining unity as a family, community and human race.

Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): building and maintaining our community--solving problems together

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